Money "comes" to us through skills (5 skills that will make you rich)

Money "comes" to us through skills (5 skills that will make you rich) Millions of children go to school, then go on to study, get good grades there-but, alas, they enter adulthood without the skills that can make them truly successful. Does this surprise you? Me not at all!Because educational institutions do not develop the skills that lead to rapid career growth and financial well-being in their students.In this article, we will briefly analyze the main features of skills that are guaranteed to make you successful and rich:1) Ability to cope with failures (You will always have problems — because no one can ever do everything perfectly). Schools don't give you everything they need, but they teach you the basics of financial literacy.The skills that you need in today's crisis-this is also taught in schools. Unfortunately, today's students do not need "to learn" any of these skills.2) Ability to cope with risks (You can't lose money in a crisis, because the odds are so small). You will be surprised, but these skills are very much in demand today:the value of the "second shot" at this moment;the ability to "cool" financial markets (thereby significantly reducing risks);the ability to "make" your money work (by investing it);the ability to "sell" your belongings (you only need to bring yourself to a high price with a high price tag);the ability to save (you don't need to do anything else — this is the only thing that you need to do for a wealthy person);the ability to "charge" money (you need to understand how to properly handle money earned);the ability to "make" your money work (by investing it);the ability to increase your earnings (by training yourself, by making smart investments, etc.);the ability to find additional earnings (this is the only way to ensure that you have money to invest, and not to go into loans);the ability to provide your children with financial well-being (this is the only way to ensure that your children will have a passive income, and not dependent on your salary.2) Ability to change (learn from your mistakes).It is important for each of us, regardless of our profession, to learn from our mistakes.Even the most experienced students of a given subject are constantly on the verge of making a huge blunder (or putting something completely different in your life).So learn from your mistakes, avoid the temptation to repeat them, and learn from your mistakes.3) Calculate on the fact that you have a long commute.It's not so much the amount of money you earn per hour, but your time on the road (total distance traveled).You need to calculate in your head:how long will you have time to go to work (zone 1);how much money will you need to earn per month (